Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa Turtle Watch

Last night at around 8:00pm a lone sea turtle struggled up the beach at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa and stopped near the bar. ……………………..See you thought this was a joke! ……………….she painstakingly dug a hole in the sand and to the delight of the guests laid 114 eggs before filling in the hole and crawling back to the sea.

Turtle digs hole to lay its eggs
Turtle digs hole to lay its eggs

Just to watch this beautiful creature endure the agony of crawling up the sand on her belly carrying her weight in an environment that makes her more than double her normal weight is almost painful, the temptation to assist her is so very strong; it is akin to watching a small creature in pain. In a state of exhaustion she dug a hole to protect her eggs, scooping sand away one painful scrape at a time with her flippers until it was deep enough to hide her precious treasure. She knows she will never see them again and if she should encounter one of her offspring in the wild it is questionable that she will ever know them.

Track made by Turtle
Track made by Turtle

Over the next 70 days we will protect the area of these eggs and try to keep you updated on what happens with a little luck anybody at Pinewood 70 days from today will witness the birth of baby turtles.
This is the second turtle to do this at Pinewood (perhaps they have been reading our trip Advisor page?).
We will also update you on the second turtle as we get more information.


2 thoughts on “Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa Turtle Watch”

  1. We call them marvels of nature, just make sure you mark the area and then it will be easy for you guys to keep watch. Good work and long live pinewood.


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