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INGREDIENTS                                                   QUANTITY

Beef fillet                                                                   300g

Vegetable oil                                                            3tbsp                                                      Soy sauce (light)                                                       2tbsp

English mustard                                                       1 tsp

Grated ginger, garlic                                               1 tsp

Chopped red onions                                               1tbsp

Crashed black pepper corns                                  1tsp

Safari brandy                                                            1 tot


100_1631 100_1632

Carrots, celery, leeks            50g

Beef trimmings                      100g for gravy

Beef stock                                1 cup

Corn starch                             1 tbsp

Tomato paste                         1tsp

Bay leaves                                 2 leaves


Potato                     300g

Sweet corn             50g

Beans                      50g

Pumpkin leaves     50g

Salt                          ½ tsp

Coriander              2 stems


  • Tenderize the beef fillet with a meat tenderizer. The meat should not be very flat but thin
  • Marinate the meat with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, mustard , chopped onions and crushed black pepper corns and some oil and leave it in the fridge for about half an hour
  • For the gravy put the trimmings in the oven and dry them. Put them in the pan and continue cooking until they are brown and smell like burnt. Put the vegetables, tomato paste and the cornstarch and then add the beef stock. Let the stock boil with some bay leaves inside until the color is brown
  • Strain the gravy and put the seasoning
  • Pan fry the beef steak to well done or medium or rare done depending on the taste
  • When the steak is done add the gravy and the brandy and flambé the steak. Add some cream and serve hot.


  • Soak the beans over-night and in the morning drain the water and boil the beans in fresh water
  • When the beans are well cooked, add the potatoes and continue cooking. When the potatoes are almost done, add the pumpkins leaves and sweetcorn. Drain excess water when everything is well cooked.
  • Mash together the cooked mash until well blended, add salt to your taste.
  • You can add coriander to the mash or you can melt some little butter with your coriander and add it to the mash. It is a vegetarian traditional dish and goes well with pepper steak
  • 100_1633 100_1634





–1 kilogram lobster

—1/4 cup fresh coconut milk

–3 pcs limes

–4 tablespoons olive oil

— 1tablespoon coriander roughly chopped

–1 tablespoon garlic (chopped)

–1/4 teaspoon salt

–pinch black pepper corns (crushed)

–1 pc green chilli



–1 pc iceberg lettuce

—100 grams cucumber

–1/2pc well ripe avocado

–100 grams carrots

–50 grams green pepper

–1 pc tomato



-Cut lobster into two halves lengthwise and clean thoroughly in a running water tap

-drain to remove excess water

-mix together garlic chopped, green chilies, lime juice, fresh coconut milk, salt, ground black pepper corns and some olive oil into a bowl(marinade)

–marinate the lobster with the marinade mixture

–keep in the fridge and leave it to for half an hour or more

–grill on a charcoal grill or an electric gill turning regularly to avoid burning bust with the remaining marinade as you grill to avoid the lobster being dry for 15 minutes 100_1624

-serve the lobster immediately while hot and fresh

-garnish with chopped parsley

-serve with green salad or rice

Dish of the Month


Recipe by Susan Aydin- A Guest at Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa

You need/ Ingredients

Kleiner Foto 323

1 spring form (26 cm)

150 g sponge cake or other dry cookies

125 g butter

2 cups yoghurt

2 cups whip cream

1 package gelly pudding

6 tablespoon sugar (enough to taste)

3 tablespoon lemon juice

Pieces of fruit which you like (any flavor-pineapple, mango, strawberry’s or without)

Kleiner Foto 320

Method of preparing:

The Ground

Melt the butter and let it cool down a little

Crash the cookies very fine

Mix it together and put it into the spring form, press firmly on the ground

It should be cool before you put the cream on top

Kleiner Foto 322

The cream:

Mix the gelly pudding with one cup cold water

Mix the yoghurt with the sugar and the lemon juice so how you like it

The whipped cream should be nice cold (out of a good cold fridge) pitch it with a wiper so long until its “hard”, put it back into the fridge

Smelt the gelly pudding very slowly- it should not to be hot , never boiling !! Take it from the oven

Take 5 spoons from the yoghurt mix into the smelt pudding

Then put all this into the rest of the yoghurt mix back and mix it very well

At last fold in the yoghurt mix, the whip cream very softly

Put all this with the cookie ground on top

If you want put now the fruit on top

The cake is ready now; it should stay for one day in the fridge.

Enjoy it.

Kleiner Foto 317 Kleiner Foto 319

Turtle Watch Update

Pinewood beach resort and spa turtle watch  area fenced off
Pinewood beach resort and spa turtle watch area fenced off

Our baby turtles are happily incubating below the sand, we have marked off the area of the nest and it is watched all the time to protect the eggs. The 70 day gestation period is only in its infancy so we will keep you posted on the progress as it happens.
Far too quiet in the hotel even our long term returning guests have come to the end of their stay time to push harder for some more guests.

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa Turtle Watch

Last night at around 8:00pm a lone sea turtle struggled up the beach at Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa and stopped near the bar. ……………………..See you thought this was a joke! ……………….she painstakingly dug a hole in the sand and to the delight of the guests laid 114 eggs before filling in the hole and crawling back to the sea.

Turtle digs hole to lay its eggs
Turtle digs hole to lay its eggs

Just to watch this beautiful creature endure the agony of crawling up the sand on her belly carrying her weight in an environment that makes her more than double her normal weight is almost painful, the temptation to assist her is so very strong; it is akin to watching a small creature in pain. In a state of exhaustion she dug a hole to protect her eggs, scooping sand away one painful scrape at a time with her flippers until it was deep enough to hide her precious treasure. She knows she will never see them again and if she should encounter one of her offspring in the wild it is questionable that she will ever know them.

Track made by Turtle
Track made by Turtle

Over the next 70 days we will protect the area of these eggs and try to keep you updated on what happens with a little luck anybody at Pinewood 70 days from today will witness the birth of baby turtles.
This is the second turtle to do this at Pinewood (perhaps they have been reading our trip Advisor page?).
We will also update you on the second turtle as we get more information.