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Dish of the Month


Recipe by Susan Aydin- A Guest at Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa

You need/ Ingredients

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1 spring form (26 cm)

150 g sponge cake or other dry cookies

125 g butter

2 cups yoghurt

2 cups whip cream

1 package gelly pudding

6 tablespoon sugar (enough to taste)

3 tablespoon lemon juice

Pieces of fruit which you like (any flavor-pineapple, mango, strawberry’s or without)

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Method of preparing:

The Ground

Melt the butter and let it cool down a little

Crash the cookies very fine

Mix it together and put it into the spring form, press firmly on the ground

It should be cool before you put the cream on top

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The cream:

Mix the gelly pudding with one cup cold water

Mix the yoghurt with the sugar and the lemon juice so how you like it

The whipped cream should be nice cold (out of a good cold fridge) pitch it with a wiper so long until its “hard”, put it back into the fridge

Smelt the gelly pudding very slowly- it should not to be hot , never boiling !! Take it from the oven

Take 5 spoons from the yoghurt mix into the smelt pudding

Then put all this into the rest of the yoghurt mix back and mix it very well

At last fold in the yoghurt mix, the whip cream very softly

Put all this with the cookie ground on top

If you want put now the fruit on top

The cake is ready now; it should stay for one day in the fridge.

Enjoy it.

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